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  Medical Tourism

Take care of your imaging needs while on vacation in Jamaica at X-Ray & Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Ltd.

Visiting the Caribbean can also mean taking advantage of Jamaica's premier medical imaging facility. Since 1981, we have set the standard for quality medical imaging throughout the islands.

You'll find that our facility provides care that is equal to or even exceeds that found in most major cities in the United States, Canada or Great Britain. It is not uncommon for Jamaicans living abroad to make use of our resources while visiting home. They find that our care is comparable to the care they might receive in their adopted countries, but at much more
affordable prices.

Better still, any imaging done at our facility is readily available to your medical doctors and we are always available to consult with them before and after your visit to our facility in Jamaica.

So if you have an upcoming need for ultrasound, CT scanning or other imaging why not consider combining your care with a visit to beautiful, relaxing Jamaica.

For more information on how our care might fit into your next visit to the Jamaica or the Caribbean call us at (876) 929-8140(876) 926-6227, (876) 929-0844 and (876) 9290845 or email us at xray_diagnostic@cwjamaica.com


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