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Growth with Quality Care and Commitment

"I am proud to be among those persons who shared in the deep sense of pride in 1981 when Dr Freddie Clarke as a young Jamaican radiologist, took the brave step to start X-Ray and Diagnostic services on Melmac Avenue. It was evident from then, that Dr Clarke and his dedicated staff wanted to make it possible for Jamaicans to access the best in imaging technology right on our little piece of rock, Jamaica.

From those early days I experienced their caring concern and commitment to offering Jamaicans the highest quality, world class services which has come to characterize the services of X-ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Ltd. Phenomenal growth to the present modern technologically advanced facility, has not diminished the special feelings clients, my family and myself experience. Dr Clarke and his staff have a remarkable way of allaying the natural anxieties of clients who are most times dealing with situations that could be life changing.

I am honoured to say how much my family and I appreciate the calming and inspiring great Jamaican art, fresh flowers in the lobby and the best staff at X- Ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Limited. God bless you all with continued success as you serve Jamaica and the Health sector" – E.H

"The X-Ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Ltd comprise a caring professional team of highly skilled persons who go above and beyond the call of duty in steering frightened and terrified patients through complicated and unfamiliar procedures.

It is the human kindness that is extended to patients. Dr. Freddie Clarke sets the tone and ambience of the institution and his staff takes their cue from him. No matter how stressful their personal problems, no matter how long or trying the day, it is the quiet reassuring excellent manner with which each patient is dealt, which makes the vast difference in the traumatic examinations that patients endure.

Personally, I have come to rely on Dr Clarke's keen eyes, experience and utmost care with which his analyses are done. If he is not satisfied with the quality of the exposures it has to be redone to his exacting standards, as he is always mindful that no errors can be tolerated. The loyal and long serving staff, many of whom have had further on the job training can be relied on to play their own roles in advancing patient care. X-Ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Ltd is the standard that others try to emulate." – C.V

When was your last Check-up?

There are a number of factors that contribute to wellness and health. Lifestyle, genealogy and the food we eat are but a few that have a positive or negative effect which ultimately impacts our lifespan.

Regular checks with your doctor can determine wellness and prevent or control illnesses, but the outcome is in your hands. Doctors are trained to handle the various diseases/ conditions that affect our health and advanced technology has made detection and management easier.

X-Ray & Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants Limited is a company with a special interest in people's health and well being and the customer service that is offered makes it more tolerable to deal with results. As leaders in Diagnostic imaging in Jamaica, they offer a range of screening tests using modern technology.

As an advocate for wellness, I discovered that I have cystic breasts so I ensure that my mammogram is done each year, and believe me, if you forget, the friendly staff do call to remind you, which is what happens when you do all your testing at one location. Comparison of results makes it easier for the experts to detect any change in the fatty features or distortions.
 I was having serious breathing problems and being a customer of this customer-friendly company for the past 24 years, I was able to do the necessary nuclear stress test which guided my doctors to correct the situation before it became worse. Treatment by my Consultant surgeon has left me feeling comfortable that I have been spared the worse because of early detection and treatment.

When you are not sure of what is happening with your body then leave it to the expert doctors and members of staff at the Ripon Road office. This I can also tell you; that when Dr Winston Clarke and other staff have completed your diagnoses and made recommendations, believe what you are told as you believe the Bible and seek the necessary treatment as this will definitely impact on your future healthy condition.

Your life is in your hands, live healthier and longer by screening, you don't have to feel sick to have a medical problem.

R. W. – A Satisfied Customer



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